Seville sets several conditions for attending the European Super Cup against Bayern Munich


Advertise European Football Association UEFA announced that three thousand Seville fans would be allowed to attend a showdown European super In front of Bayern Munich, in Budapest, on the 24th of this month.

The Andalusian club opened a period for the presentation to those wishing to attend the match, stressing the need to present a certificate stating that the sample for the detection of the emerging corona virus «Covid-19» is negative within 3 days before entering Hungary.

And Seville indicated in a statement published on Monday that tickets will be nominated for exclusive use by members who purchase them, and in the event that the order is more than the available quantity, the seniority criterion will be applied.

The statement also stressed the need for ticket holders to fulfill the conditions imposed upon entering the Hungarian lands, such as submitting the negative result of a sample for the detection of the emerging corona virus in Hungarian or English within 3 days before entering the country, as well as accepting to undergo a medical examination or stay for a maximum period of 72 In Hungary.

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The statement also stated, among other conditions, that in order to enter the stadium, some precautionary measures must be applied, such as wearing masks, measuring temperature and maintaining social distancing between the seats.The encounter Seville is locked as a champion ofEuropean League At the expense of Inter Milan, Italy, while Bayern won the Champions League at the expense of French Paris Saint-Germain.

Uefa’s statement said that the Puskas stadium will witness the attendance of up to 30% of its capacity of 67,215 spectators, with each team getting 3,000 tickets, and tickets will continue to be sold until Wednesday.


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