Serious talk about dismissing Salameh or pushing him to resign before the end of the year .. Here is the scenario


The “Al-Akhbar” newspaper mentioned that an American, not a green light in the literal sense of the word. There are signs that express tacit approval, exemplified by US President Donald Trump’s contact with the Lebanese president after Macron’s first visit and through his mediation. Some French diplomats and media figures point out that “there is no authorization at all from Washington, nor will there be. There is a positive sign, but within controls.” Nevertheless, Washington is working to send an envoy the day after any visit to Macron so as not to completely clear the square for him: The US Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs David Hill visited Lebanon immediately after Macron’s departure on his first visit after the port explosion, and the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker visits Beirut, this week, the day after the French president left. In addition, the statement made by US Ambassador Dorothy Shea two days ago, when she distanced her country from the French initiative.

Close to the decision-making circle in the Elysee told Al-Akhbar that Macron explained to the Americans the futility of the complete strangulation policy in the face of Hezbollah, and he expressed this in a statement last Friday, in which he warned of the outbreak of civil war in Lebanon if it was left to regional powers. The alternative is to work with Hezbollah to create a government capable of achieving rapid reforms. According to the sources, France seeks to establish a strong dialogue with Hezbollah, while realizing in advance that the weapons file and its regional role are not on the table and cannot be addressed now. Therefore, the priority is “to reach an understanding with him about helping to achieve reforms, and we do not feel that he will oppose it. Our question to him today is whether or not he accepts a government with a clear mission and exceptional powers? We are not stupid to ask the party to change its strategy or move away from Iran. But we feel that it should be.” More Lebanese than before, and we said that to the Americans and to others. “

However, Macron himself does not deny the need for serious sanctions on politicians, whether issued by the American, French or European side, as he answered a direct question: “Yes, sanctions may be a useful weapon in curbing corrupt politicians in Lebanon.”

The failure to insist on Hariri’s return comes in this context. The negative French stance on the ruling staff was not the result of recent months, but was resolved in Macron’s meeting with Hariri on September 20, 2019. At that time, I informed him that things were no longer acceptable, and that there was no serious indication about the intention of reform, pointing out that no effort was made to obtain Sidr’s money. Even if no one was interested in creating a website for this conference and its assistance. In the Elysee Palace, according to the sources, there is a “conviction that corruption controls the entire ruling party. We distinguish Hezbollah because it has its reasons. Perhaps there are corrupt people in it or those around it, but it does not need that, because it has its ready financing from Iran, and because corruption It is destroying it from within and destroying its power. Therefore, we are resolving that it may be the only party in Lebanon that is not involved, as a party, in corruption. But everyone is involved. ”

In this context, Al-Akhbar indicated that a breach had arisen regarding the governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh. There is serious talk about his dismissal or pushing him to resign before the end of the year.

Macron himself does not want safety in his position, and the latter is not opposed to the idea, but he does not want to present it to Lebanese parties. The governor of the Central Bank wants a personal guarantee from Macron that he will not be prosecuted after his resignation, provided that he leaves Lebanon to live abroad and hand over his duties to whomever France chooses, according to Al-Akhbar.

He seeks to obtain this guarantee because he considers that there are those who want to make him a scapegoat for politicians. He informed France of his readiness to work on reforms in the financial sector with the Central Bank of France and not with any other party. Conducting a criminal audit at the Banque du Liban is a demand that Macron insists on in all his statements, and he repeated it yesterday evening upon his arrival at Beirut airport and after his meeting with the President of the Republic. He also spoke of energy reforms, port rebuilding, and better management of the central bank and the banking system. He also stressed that one of the reasons for his visit is to make sure that “an important government is formed to serve the Lebanese people and Lebanon, and that proposals are launched on combating corruption for the sake of justice.”

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