Selena Gomez in a swimsuit and reveals for the first time the effects of a kidney transplant on her body


Global Star publishedSelena GomezA new photo of her, through her Instagram account, appeared in a swimsuit, revealing for the first time the effects of a kidney transplant on her body.

Gomez talked about the difficulty of showing the effects of the operation at first, but she feels confident now, commenting on the picture, saying: “When I had a kidney transplant, I remember that it was difficult to show the effects of the operation, I did not want it to appear in the pictures and I was often I wear clothes that you hide, but now I feel more confident than before about what I became and went through. ”

It was revealed Selena Gomez Recently, she was subjected to psychological pressure during her career, and for this reason she decided to stay out of the limelight for two years, and resort to a mental health center to obtain the appropriate treatment, and continued, noting that in the past she was suffering from conflict of feelings and her inability to control her feelings.

And she has won Selena Gomez On the broad support of her followers, where the picture won about ten million likes, while many confirmed through comments their love and encouragement for her.


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