Scientists explain how large quantities of gold were formed


Scientists were surprised by the results of a recent study on the formation of large quantities of gold, as there was no clear explanation for this phenomenon before.

Tehran- Youth Club news agency -Water was previously thought that gold originated in the universe as a result of the collision of neutron stars, but new research made them doubt it, according to what was published in the “Astrophysical Journal”.

“Even the most optimistic estimates of the collision rate of neutron stars cannot simply explain the apparent abundance of this element in the universe,” said one of the study authors from Monash University in Australia, Amanda Caracas.

At the present time, astronomers have a special hypothesis about the origin of gold, which is related to supernovae of an unusual type, and experts said that the explosions of very huge stars with strong magnetic fields could have filled the universe with large quantities of gold.

At the same time, the authors do not deny the contribution of collisions of neutron stars to the creation of other chemical elements.

In the opinion of astronomers, the first atomic nuclei were created several tens of minutes after the Big Bang, at which time almost all of the hydrogen available in the universe was formed, an important part of helium, a certain amount of lithium, and a small amount of beryllium and boron. All of these chemical elements are light and lie at the beginning of the periodic table.

The appearance of all other atomic nuclei is somehow related to the stars. New nuclei are formed inside all stars without exception, as well as inside red giants and during supernova explosions and colliding neutron stars.

The calculations of the new study showed the amount of any chemical element that forms after a supernova explosion, for example, as it turned out, that small stars that do not explode like supernovae produce half of the carbon in the universe. The explosion of massive stars produces the second half of it.

According to the authors, it is supernovae that supply iron to the universe. Moreover, half of it falls on massive starbursts, and the other half is on thermonuclear explosions of white dwarfs.


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