Scientists develop a video game that works without batteries


Scientists and engineers have developed a battery-free Game Boy that collects energy from the user to run endlessly. The device reimagines Nintendo games using the latest computer technology and can play original discs for games like Tetris and Super Mario. This breakthrough was achieved by researchers at Northwestern University in the United States and Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands.”It’s the first interactive device without a battery that extracts energy from the user, and when you press a button, the device converts that energy into something that powers your games,” said Josiah Hester, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering at Northwestern University.

The device currently only works with a small LED screen and cannot play the sound, and the power may stop from time to time. The device is designed to shut down without losing the game progress, and can be reactivated with the push of a button.

The researchers hope that this technology will enable players to continue playing their games forever without the need to recharge mobile devices, and the goal is also to reduce society’s dependence on expensive battery technology that pose a threat to the environment, which ends up in landfills.

A research paper detailing the nearly battery-free technology will be presented at UbiComp 2020
On September 15th, according to the British newspaper The Independent.


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