Saudi product to sterilize aircraft in 7 minutes


The CEO of the Saudi Ground Services Company (SGS), Captain Fahad Sindi, confirmed that the safe return of air traffic, whether partial or total at the beginning of next January, requires high-quality technical and preventive efforts, as cooperation has been made with Al Salem Johnson Controls to manufacture disinfection and sterilization units. With ultraviolet rays, to sterilize airplanes within 7 minutes for small planes, and 15 minutes for large airplanes, to ensure the safety and health of passengers, limit the spread of viruses and eliminate them, germs, bacteria and microorganisms, living airborne, and those that accumulate on fabrics and surfaces, by 99.99%, which will enhance the quality of Services provided to more than 100 domestic and international airlines in all 28 Saudi airports.Local content

The CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls, Muhannad Al-Sheikh, explained that the new sterilization unit is not a global technology transfer, but rather a 100% Saudi product, which has been fully developed locally, by local competencies and Saudi engineers, and it is planned that the local content in this technology will exceed the proportion 60%.


Al-Sheikh indicated that the factory will start the manufacturing phase of the Saudi Ground Services Company as soon as possible to ensure its readiness before the start of the trips completely on the first of next January, indicating that the unit development began months ago, in cooperation with the Saudi Ground Services Company, after the two companies realized the market need Especially the aviation industry, to the existence of effective specialized sterilization units, confirming that the current version has been studied and tested to the extent of the ability of ultraviolet (UVL) emitters to disinfect in various applications.

Disinfection unit

Noting that the unit is a powerful disinfection tool for intensively and effectively treating and sterilizing large areas, supported by a powerful and reliable power system, and it consists of a large battery that takes about 6 hours to charge, which allows it to cover approximately 1000 square meters per battery charge, and is equipped with extendable arms between 100 to 150 cm, which helps sterilize and disinfect the aircraft in a short time ranging from 7 minutes for small planes, and 15 minutes for large airplanes.


Al Sheikh added that the new sterilizer unit is easy to operate, supported by high-quality reliable manufacturing components, and its sheet metal housing is robust and durable.

Disinfection units

Eliminate 99.99% of viruses

Disinfection and sterilization of large areas intensively and effectively

60% local content

It has a large battery that takes 6 hours to charge

It is equipped with arms that extend between 100 and 150 cm


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