Saudi Arabia’s “health specialties” allow electronic practice license exam


Riyadh – Mubasher: The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has made it possible to apply for a professional practice license test electronically, through the “Muammares Plus” system on the authority’s official website, instead of the previous method that is done through the application form, in order to develop a service.

The Director of the Media Department and the official spokesperson of the authority, Fahd Al-Qathami, said today, Saturday, that one of the most important advantages of the new platform is to give the applicant four attempts “annually” to pass by submitting only one, and the attempt is activated automatically after the results appear with the creation of an account for the applicant in Mimaros Plus and linking the results directly, according to To the Saudi News Agency, “SPA”.

He emphasized that this would facilitate the health practitioner’s professional classification and registration in the future.

He pointed out that the service available through “Momares Plus” is more advanced in its mechanisms than before, in addition to its ease of use, as the applicant for the professional practice license examination of the last year and the internship students is required to open an account through the Muammaris Plus system and apply for the service and also benefit later from submitting electronic applications. .

He indicated that the beneficiaries of the service are students of the last academic year and privileges of health colleges in the Kingdom, and those who obtained a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a health college outside the Kingdom recognized and equivalent by the Ministry of Education.

He added that it is possible for those who wish to obtain an opportunity for improvement who are pre-classified and not accepted in the Saudi specialty certificate programs may benefit from the service, pointing out that those who do not have a professional classification and have completed the year of internship must apply for the classification and registration service according to the procedures followed by the system.

He indicated that the Saudi license exam to practice the profession aims to ensure the competencies necessary to obtain a license to practice the profession after the year of concession, and to ensure that graduates of accredited health education facilities meet the minimum standards for practicing the profession, and to unify criteria for the comparison between candidates applying for postgraduate programs.

He added that the test periods for this year’s professional practice license exam, the method of calculating the attempts for the professional practice license exam, and the applicant’s guide for the professional practice license exam can be viewed via the electronic link:


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