Saudi Arabia without a thousand injuries for the third day in a row


In a continuation of the decrease in the spread of the new Corona virus in Saudi Arabia, the active cases of the virus in Saudi Arabia yesterday recorded a clear decrease, with a total of 21 thousand and 79 active cases, with a difference of more than 150 cases from the day before yesterday, which is followed by the rate of decrease in the spread of the virus in the country two weeks ago, in The individual precautions for residents remained high, and the protocols applied by service agencies, markets and mosques.

Yesterday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced the recovery of one thousand and 129 cases, bringing the total number of recovered cases to 290 thousand and 796 cases, while 951 cases infected with the virus were registered, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the Kingdom to 315 thousand and 772 cases, of which 21 thousand and 79 active cases are still receiving medical care. The Saudi Ministry of Health indicated that most of the active cases are reassuring. On the other hand, 27 deaths were recorded yesterday.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, revealed that Saudi Arabia is the lowest among the list of “G20” countries in the percentage of deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic to the total number of people infected with the disease, indicating that this distinction came as a result of the preventive and precautionary steps that made it possible to control the The spread of the disease, as well as to the integration between the various governmental and private sectors, with awareness and commitment to precautionary measures from members of society. During his participation in the Doctors Diwaniya meeting in the Eastern Province, under the title “Covid-19 updates and precautions”, Al-Abd Al-Aali indicated yesterday that more than 3 million people have visited “Tatman” clinics and “Verify” centers since the beginning of their work, where he reviews the clinics of “Tatman”. Approximately 16,000 people per day, which number 239 clinics, while “Verify” centers visit 45,000 people daily, which are 18 sites in the country.


For its part, the latest statistics in the UAE showed that 362 new cases were recorded, yesterday; The total number of injured people in the country reached 69,690 cases, while the country witnessed 398 new recoveries, bringing the total of recovered cases to 60,600 cases, while three deaths were announced yesterday, bringing the total to 382 deaths due to the Corona virus.

– Sultanate of Oman

In Oman, the Ministry of Health announced yesterday that 178 new cases of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) have been registered, bringing the total to 85,722 cases. The Oman News Agency quoted the ministry as saying that 80 thousand and 810 cases out of 85 thousand and 722 cases have recovered, while the deaths reached 685 cases.


On the other hand, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced yesterday (Monday) that 473 new cases of emerging corona disease (Covid-19) were recorded during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases registered in the country to 85,109 cases, while one death was recorded as a result of her infection. By disease, bringing the total number of deaths registered until yesterday to 531 cases. And the Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced earlier yesterday that 574 injuries had recovered during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of cases of recovery from Corona disease to 77,224.

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Yesterday, the Bahraini Ministry of Health announced the registration of a death from infection with the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), bringing the total number of deaths to 190, in addition to the registration of 183 new infections. The ministry said, through its Twitter account, that the total number of recovered cases has reached 48,654 so far, after recording 379 cases, and that the number of existing cases has reached 2,730.

– Diameter

Regarding Qatar, yesterday it announced the registration of 203 new infections with the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19), with 237 recovering cases. And the Qatari Ministry of Health said in a statement, that this brings the total number of injuries to 118,778, adding that all new cases have been placed in isolation and they are receiving the necessary health care according to their health status. She explained that the total number of recoveries from Corona reached 115,667, after 237 new cures were recorded.

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