Saudi Arabia: The Investment Initiative Conference postponed to January 2021


The Saudi Investment Initiative Conference – the largest gathering of the business sector and government agencies in the region – announced yesterday (Tuesday), officially the postponement of the fourth edition of it to January of next year 2021, as it was scheduled to be held in October of this year , Due to the nature of global travel related to the “emerging corona” epidemic.
The conference’s organizers said, via a tweet on the official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, yesterday: “After careful study of global travel expectations and in the context of efforts to overcome the impact of (Covid-19), we decided to postpone the fourth edition of the Future Investment Initiative to the period between 26 and 28. January 2021 ».
It is known that the Future Investment Initiative conference gained wide international fame, which led to its description as the “Davos in the Desert” forum, as a result of its success in attracting heads of boards of directors, senior executives, and the most famous business owners and investors in international companies, as well as senior government officials in the world.
The conference takes the Saudi capital, Riyadh, as the seat of its annual activities, as the Saudi Public Investment Fund, which succeeded in convening it in three previous editions, is based on it.
The conference is concerned with exploring future economic trends and opportunities, shedding light on future industries, and enriching discussion about the extent to which investment can contribute to advancing development in the world.
In its third edition, the initiative adopted the theme “What is the future of the business world?”, As the event focused on three main axes at the time: The first axis, a sustainable future by exploring new models of innovation and investment that contribute to enhancing financial returns and support sustainability in aspects of life. The second axis covered technology for the benefit of all by setting regulatory and commercial policies to guide future growth in the technology sector. The third axis is represented by the advanced society through the establishment of regulations and the adoption of the culture that contributes to encouraging the best human practices in the age of machines.


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