Saudi Arabia News Today .. Saudi naval forces receive French interceptor boats … and “Health” reveals the Kingdom’s chances of obtaining a Corona vaccine


Traffic responds to a complaint caused by a violating driver … and Al-Hussaini expects torrential rains in several regions in the Kingdom.

Monitors Urgent Newspaper Most important Saudi News, today is Sunday; Where the Riyadh region police arrested two people involved in committing a number of robbery cases, including luring taxi drivers into neighborhoods and isolated places, and robbing their sums of money, while gold prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed stability at the beginning of today’s dealings, and until the details:

“Environment” and “Wildlife” confirm that the video clip circulating for importers of falcons contains false information

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the National Center for Wildlife Development confirmed that the video clip circulating for falcon importers from the sisterly Republic of Sudan through the King Khalid International Airport quarry contained false information, in addition to violations of three international regulations and agreements, which are the animal welfare system and the threatening wildlife trade system. Endangered Species, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

To raise the level of readiness and combat readiness … the Saudi naval forces receive French interceptor boats

The Commander of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Lieutenant General Fahd bin Abdullah Al-Ghafili, sponsored today, Sunday, the handover and receipt of fast intercept boats, the second and third batch of the French “HSI32” fast interceptor boats project in the Eastern Province, within the framework of joint cooperation between the Kingdom and the Republic of France in the field of manufacturing Military cooperation.

Stability of gold prices in Saudi Arabia … and 21 karat at 205.77 riyals

Gold prices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed stability at the beginning of trading today, in parallel with the stability of the yellow metal prices in the world, and the price of a gram of 24 carat gold today recorded 235.15 riyals ($ 62.70), the same level it recorded during yesterday’s trading.

Traffic interacts with a citizen and arrests a violating truck driver

Today, Sunday, the Saudi Traffic Department arrested a truck driver who was traveling in the opposite direction, and referred him to the Traffic Authority to implement the system against him, after informing a citizen of the incident, and the Saudi Traffic presented on his Twitter account, thanks to the citizens and their interest and keenness to implement the system, calling on all citizens To report any negative phenomena that violate laws and regulations.

What about the Kingdom’s chances of obtaining a Corona vaccine, if approved? .. «Health» answers

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr.Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, confirmed that the Kingdom is one of the countries keen to rush to provide any new vaccine for the Corona virus as soon as it is approved, adding that the Kingdom is an integral part of the leading efforts of countries in the world to confront this pandemic, in addition to being a member of the Coordinating Council and of countries The foundation and the donor for an important gathering and an international alliance in the countries that expedite the tools to control the Corona virus, whether in terms of diagnosis, treatment, or raising the level of countries’ policies and procedures, in addition to another key pillar, which is the provision of vaccines.

Health: 483 new cases of corona were recorded, and 27 deaths

Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Health revealed that 483 new cases of the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) were recorded in the Kingdom during the past 24 hours. This brings the total number of injuries to 329,754 cases, indicating that 1,009 new recoveries have been recorded; The total number of recoveries from the virus reached 310,439 cases, and 27 deaths were recorded, bringing the total deaths to 4,485 cases.

Health confirms the superiority of males over females in Corona injuries

The Ministry of Health announced that the 483 cases recorded today, Sunday, with the Coronavirus, the percentage of females reached 43% of females, and 57% of them males, and the percentage of children was 11%, adults 85%, and the elderly 4%, indicating that 40033 had been conducted. A new lab test in the past 24 hours.

The Minister of Education announces the start of studying English from the first year of primary school

The Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad Al Al-Sheikh, announced the start of studying English in the first grade of primary school, starting next year, as part of the ministry’s plans for development, indicating that the return of the civil service will have specific requirements, saying: It might be a study day for each remote teacher, And also some materials.

For the fourth week .. The Ministry of Education announces a schedule of daily classes for all stages

Today, Sunday morning, the Ministry of Education announced the daily class schedule for the lessons of all stages (primary, intermediate and secondary) for the fourth week through Ain channels, explaining and clarifying that the broadcast is live via Ain channels on the Arabsat frequency 12437 vertical polarization, starting for the secondary stage levels (first, third and fifth) and (general) Optional – optional memorization) and for grades (first, second and third intermediate) at nine in the morning and repeated throughout the day, as well as for grades (first, second, fourth, fifth, and sixth primary) at three in the evening, and repeated throughout the day or via the channel link on YouTube.

Is the pension canceled if the beneficiary returns to work? Social Insurance answers

The General Organization for Social Insurance clarified the fate of the pension in the event that the deserving pensioner joins a new job after disbursing the pension, noting that the contributor who has not reached the age of sixty has the right to request the payment of the early retirement pension if he has an actual contribution period of not less than “300” months and leaves Regulated work.

At a cost of 104 million riyals, two projects start and implement others to cover the water supply in Al-Baha

The National Water Company, represented by the General Administration of Water Services in the Al-Baha region, announced that it has completed the implementation and operation of two water services projects in the region, in addition to the initiation of two other projects to support its water system and enhance water security in the region at a financial cost of more than 104 million riyals.

Including luring taxi drivers .. The fall of two people involved in committing robbery crimes in Riyadh

The assistant media spokesperson for the Riyadh region police, Major Khaled Al-Kreidis, stated that the security follow-up for the crimes of assaulting money resulted in the arrest of a Yemeni citizen and resident in the third decade of life, who was involved in a number of cases, represented in luring taxi drivers into neighborhoods and places They were isolated and robbed of their sums of money and possessions, in addition to their aggression against a number of people, threatening them with white weapons and stealing their possession.

Al-Hussaini: Heavy rain and almost strong winds in several regions of the Kingdom

Weather and climate expert Abdulaziz Al-Hussaini expected rains varying from light to heavy, and medium to semi-strong winds during Sunday and Monday night in several regions in the Kingdom, and the researcher in weather and climate predicted that “medium to semi-strong winds would blow in parts of Al-Sharqiyah and Riyadh regions. Najran, Medina and parts of the western coast between Jeddah and Jizan are dusty; Most of them are light, unless God spends them. ”

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