Saudi Arabia is in the list of the top 10 countries to benefit from intellectual property programs – Saudi News


The World Intellectual Property Academy issued a report stating that the Kingdom is among the top 10 in the world to benefit from training programs set up “remotely”, from January to August of 2020. The report issued by the World Intellectual Property Academy stated that the number of trainees for the programs established from Before the Intellectual Property Academy at the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property, 3710 trainees of both sexes, an increase of 541% over the previous year, amid a large turnout of students and faculty members at the general and university education level, and the training courses were divided by 83% for general courses and 17% for specialized courses in both Arabic languages. And English. The Executive Director of the Customer Focus Department at the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property explained that the Corona pandemic accelerated the process of digital transformation at all levels, the most important of which is distance education and training. During the year 2020 so far, double the number of trainees from the Kingdom.


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