Saudi Arabia decides to fully lift travel restrictions and open ports after January 1, 2021


Riyadh, September 13 (BNA): The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the complete lifting of restrictions on citizens leaving and returning to the Kingdom, and permitting the opening of ports for all means of transport through the land, sea and air ports, after January 1, 2021, according to the procedures followed before the Corona pandemic.

An official source at the Ministry of Interior stated that it is excluded from this decision to allow some categories of citizens to travel outside the Kingdom and return to it according to certain controls and requirements.

The decision also allows entry and exit from the Kingdom for citizens of the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, as well as allowing entry to non-Saudis who have visas; Exit and return, work, residence or visit.

The source said that the entry of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and non-Saudis into the Kingdom will be according to preventive health controls and procedures, starting with From the day after Tuesday 15 September.

The decision also stated that a plan to re-allow the performance of Umrah will be announced gradually, based on what is decided later in this regard independently, in light of the developments related to the pandemic.

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