Saudi Arabia and Israel: Why does Trump favor normalization?


The UAE and Bahrain promise that the turn of Saudi Arabia will come along with other Arab countries that will join the normalization agreement with Israel

Not only according to the expectations of US President Donald Trump, who said that he feels that Riyadh wants that in light of talks it gathered with its leaders, which was confirmed by statements by the head of Israeli intelligence without providing additional details, and at a time when Washington insists that the goal of these agreements is to bring peace to the region However, the Israeli side does not miss an opportunity to talk about completing the annexation plan every time, which is what the printed countries said is the main reason for signing the Abraham peace agreements.
Are the American and Israeli sides talking based on advanced negotiations with Riyadh? Or is it an attempt to exert more pressure to include it in the agreement? How will the normalization of a country the size of Saudi Arabia affect the Palestinian issue, if it occurs? What is the realism of talking about peace based on the two-state solution at a time when Israel is sticking to the annexation plan?


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