Saudi Arabia allows the return of Umrah soon, and here are the conditions – one world – the Arabs


Muslims around the world are waiting to allow the return of Umrah again, and there is a plan that the Saudi Ministry of Interior is working on now for a gradual return, which includes opening the door for internal pilgrims as a first stage in accordance with preventive measures, including obtaining a “performance permit” from the concerned authority.

The plan, announced by the Ministry of Interior the day before yesterday (Sunday), includes opening the door for domestic pilgrims in limited numbers as a first stage, according to regulatory procedures and conditions, including obtaining a “performance permit” from the concerned authority, according to Okaz newspaper.

The source indicated that the gradual return of the Umrah plan will be based on an electronic application in which the date and time of the performance is determined, provided that the pilgrim has a documented medical report proving his safety from Corona virus (Covid 19).

He explained that the Ministry of Hajj will announce in the coming days the details and conditions for the gradual return of Umrah.

It is noteworthy that the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for Hajj Affairs, Dr. Hussein Al-Sharif confirmed earlier that the Ministry will work to evaluate the experience of the exceptional success of the Hajj, to implement high-quality health and regulatory measures, and to draw inspiration from the experience of success in the next Umrah season, depending on the protocols approved by the Ministry of Health and its preventive measures against Coronavirus.



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