Satellite images prove the presence of “new ice” on the surface of “the moon of Saturn”


Although its surface is filled with crevasses and deep valleys,Enceladus“It looks somewhat the same, with a shimmering white ice crust, looking like a giant snowball in the The space.

But with the use of infrared wavelengths, astronomers have discovered that much of the ice sheet above the moon is “fresh,” indicating that it is caused by internal activity in the moon, thanks to Mission vehicleCassini -Howigens “.

That mission was launched in 1982, as part of a joint project byNASA And the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency, the first mission to orbit Saturn And explore its surroundings in detail, according to what was mentioned by “NASA” in Arabic.

And in 2005, the Cassini probe discovered plumes of salt water rising from four massive parallel gaps at the moon’s south pole, which it called “Tiger stripesCassini went on to map more than 100 geysers in tiger streak fractures.

These fractures are generated by the tidal forces on the moon, which are generated during its eccentric rotation around Saturn, as it pulls the planet “Enceladus”, which leads to a rise in the internal temperature and geothermal activity in the moon, and the creation of cracks in the ice on the surface of its south pole.

These cracks spew out the water, which remained in its liquid state as a result of its heating inside the moon. Then this water freezes when it is blown to the surface of the moon, forming a new layer of ice, according to the “Science Alert” website.

And in 2018, researchers said that composite organic molecules originating from the moon Enceladus were discovered, while enhancing the chances of life on it.


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