Sama launches the Saudi currency application to identify security signs on banknotes


The Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency “SAMA” launched the “Saudi currency” application via smartphones, coinciding with the occasion of the ninetieth National Day, with the aim of spreading knowledge awareness of the sixth note of the Saudi currency; Which was minted during the reign of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and how to know the correct currency from others. The application, which is available on the official operating systems for Android and iOS smartphones, helps the user to interactively review the security signs contained in sound banknotes, as if the person is dealing with an actual banknote, and to identify those marks accurately and clearly. The application also provides general information on how to act in the event that a person discovers or presents a counterfeit banknote to him, in addition to the penalty for anyone who is caught in possession of counterfeit notes, the controls for reproduction of the currency, as well as the penalty for distorting the currency, and compensation for damaged cash. The application of the “Saudi currency” also includes many advantages and characteristics, including recognizing the shape of the face and back of the banknote, and the technical characteristics of all categories of the sixth edition of the Saudi paper currency in an interactive way in which you sense the security signs and their whereabouts, when carrying the phone and dealing with it as if it were a real paper currency (Move – see – touch), by tilting the phone and moving it, or by touching the security mark according to the instructions shown, and it enables the user to identify the technical characteristics of the security marks contained in a sound banknote, including the three-dimensional security tape, the shiny silver tape, and the special ink layer, The watermark, the embossed print, and the shape of the paper are under UV rays, thus making it easier for the trader to easily know the correct currency.


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