Safe travel on board the Corona plane


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Travel will not be the same after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. A company that manufactures aircraft seats has designed extensions to be added to these seats to prevent any contact between adjacent passengers on board the plane, to protect them from the possibility of contracting the deadly virus.

Elaf from BeirutIn the aviation sector, it is really true to say that the post-Coronavirus is not the same as before. Measures taken inside aircraft cabins will be permanent.

Experts note that we may not know when it will be safe to travel internationally again, or when countries will then begin to lift travel restrictions. But what we know for sure is that travel will be fundamentally different from what it was before the outbreak of the global pandemic.

Certainly, airlines, airports, cruise liners and hotels will need to set new rules on social distancing, cleaning, catering, and adherence to these rules. Transparency, which was not given much attention in the tourism sector, will become essential now and in the future.

In order to make the travel experience safer, Recaro aircraft seats have designed a set of adjustments to secure social distancing between passengers on board the plane, and protect them from Corona infection.

Modifications are added to aircraft seats to reduce transmission between passengers

Today, airplanes fly between countries at about 50 percent of their maximum carrying capacity, but it is known that a flight is not financially feasible if it does not cover 70 to 80 percent of its carrying capacity.

Experts say that losing a third of the seats means either that airlines lose their flights, or we will return to the old days when the round-trip ticket from Paris to Nice was the equivalent of 1,000 pounds, equivalent to 1,245 US dollars at today’s prices.

The global Corona virus epidemic has devastatingly affected the tourism and travel sector, while the aviation sector was most affected by the pandemic, and the United Nations World Tourism Organization estimates that international tourism could decline by up to 80% during this year compared to 2019, which It puts at least 100 million jobs at risk.

Therefore, airlines demand more means to allow passengers to sit around without any contact between them. And this is what Recaro delivers, perhaps fulfilling the promise of safe flight.

The modifications are from Recaro’s status and are being adopted by air carriers

According to a report published by “Bloomberg”, airlines are considering installing Recaro equipment in their aircraft cabins, according to Mark Heller, CEO of Recaro, “They need easy, lightweight and quickly available equipment.”

Elaph This report is from Bloomberg. Originally published Here.

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