Russian specialist reveals signs of approaching stroke


Russian neurologist Rustam Gyivotdinov spoke about the unusual signs of an impending stroke.

According to the specialist, facial muscle asymmetry, speech disturbance and imbalance are not the only symptoms.
He added: “Minor strokes have symptoms such as a persistent headache accompanied by vomiting, as well as a constant feeling of lethargy, double vision, and high blood pressure.
In addition, numbness of the cheeks, tongue and hands can sometimes occur.
To maintain the health of the circulatory system and avoid stroke, here are key tips:
Stable blood pressure
It is important to maintain the level of blood pressure at normal levels, as uncontrolled blood pressure and high blood pressure contribute significantly to exposure to stroke.

That is why you should monitor your blood pressure level, and if it is high, it should be reduced by lifestyle and even by using medication.

Playing sports
Exercise is important for stroke prevention, as it helps blood circulation work better and shed extra pounds.

And you must exercise 5 days a week for half an hour at least, even if it is a simple sport such as walking.

Weight loss
Excess weight is one of the factors that cause stroke, and that is why you should lose weight and get rid of excess body fats that lead to high blood pressure and thus a person is more likely to have a stroke.

Control of cholesterol
High blood cholesterol is one of the causes of stroke.

That is why it is so important to control the level of cholesterol by eating healthy foods, and to limit the intake of unhealthy fats while making sure to eat fruits and vegetables that contain fiber.

Quit Smoking
If you are a smoker, you should immediately quit smoking, which causes many health problems and diseases that reach stroke and heart attacks.

Maintaining blood sugar levels
If you are a diabetic, do not neglect the treatment, as high blood sugar increases blood vessel damage, which increases the likelihood of strokes.


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