Russia … daily Corona injuries touches 8.5 thousand, and deaths are at the highest level in 2.5 months



Eduard Korniyenko

The spread of the new Corona virus in Russia continued to rise, as the health authorities recorded in the last 24 hours the largest number of new infections in the epidemic in more than 100 days and the largest number of deaths in 2.5 months.

Today, Wednesday, the Special Operations Room to fight the spread of the coronavirus in Russia announced in its daily report that 8,481 new cases of the epidemic were detected (compared to 8,232 infections yesterday), which represents the largest toll since June 14, when 8,835 cases were recorded.

New infections are distributed among 84 out of the 85 regions of Russia (with the exception of the Chukotka Department in the far north of the country), and 25.6% of the new patients did not show symptoms of infection.

The death toll from the virus that causes “Covid-19” in Russia during the past 24 hours increased by 177 new deaths (compared to 160 deaths yesterday), which represents the largest daily toll since July 17, when 186 deaths were recorded.

Thus, the total number of “Covid-19” infections recorded in Russia since the beginning of the pandemic witnessed an increase of 0.7% during the last 24 hours and became 1176286, of which 20,722 deaths and 197,307 active cases (representing an increase of 2,446 active cases since yesterday).

And 5,858 patients recovered from Corona in Russia since yesterday, bringing the total number of people recovering to 958,257 people.

The number of laboratory tests conducted in Russia to date with the aim of diagnosing “Covid-19” infections has exceeded the threshold of 46 million (338 thousand of them in the last 24 hours), and about 220 thousand people are still under medical supervision.

Source: RT


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