Riyad Al-Qasabji, “The Shawish Attiyah” … millions laughed and was cried by Ismail Yassin



Al Ain News Safwat Desouky
The Egyptian artist, Riad Al-Qasabji, lived loyal to his art and was very loyal to his fans, and presented his art in order to draw a smile on the faces of the masses, and it is strange that millions laughed and cried a lot in his last days, as disease surrounded him and spoiled his life.

On the anniversary of the birth of Riad Al-Qasabji, famous for his character, “Al-Shawish Attiyah,” which falls on Sunday, when he was born on September 13, 1903, we reveal the details of his last days and how his suffering with illness and need were ..

Al-Qasabji never dreamed of fame or of standing in front of the camera, and like many people he wished to work in a government job in which he could face the conditions of life. Circumstances wished for director Tojo Mizrahi to watch him while filming “My Salafni 3 Pound”.

Mizrahi assigned him a small role in the film because of his strong build, and he played his role with great skill, and from here he loved cinema and decided to develop his acting capabilities, and so he joined many successful theater troupes at this stage such as George Abyad, Ali Al Kassar, and Ismail Yassin.

Al-Qasabji glowed artistically with Ismail Yassin, and this talented duo formed a unique artistic case that was difficult to fail from the viewers’ memory, as Al-Qasbahi was an appetizer in all Ismail Yassin’s films.

Al-Qasabji presented nearly 70 films during his career, including “The Green Ataba, Locanda Surprises, Conflict in El Mina, Miss Hanafi, Obaid Al-Mal, Nass Al-Layl, Jawaher, Ismail Yassin in Al-Tayaran, Zail Juha.”

In 1960, the world revealed its gloomy face to this great artist, as he was paralyzed as a result of a sudden rise in blood pressure, and he became a prisoner of a wheelchair.

The ordeal revealed to the artist, Riad Al-Qasabji Maaden, all around him. Director Hassan Al-Imam supported him and searched for him a lot and nominated him to work in the movie “Sins” to raise his spirits, but he declined due to the severity of the disease.

On the other hand, the ordeal revealed a strange attitude towards Ismail Yassin, as he did not visit him throughout his illness and did not go to pay his condolences to Al-Shawish Attiyah, his success partner, who died on April 23, 1963.

Fathi Riad Al-Qasabji, son of the great artist, revealed in a television interview that his father was in pain and cried because of Ismail Yassin’s position.


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