Rima Rahbani attacks Maya Diab because she sang to Fayrouz: “Cocktail Sayet and Fatei fornication” … and Diab replies: “Yalla sleep Rima”


Beirut – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”:

The national charity ceremony to help those affected by the Beirut port bombing, which was revived by the Lebanese star Maya Diab on the forty-anniversary of the bombing, did not pass by the daughter of Mrs. Fairouz, director Rima Rahbani, who violently carried on Maya who sang revolutionary patriotic songs of Mrs. Fairouz, and did not provide the MTV station that aired The concert is live on the air and on DJ Hadi Sharara.

Rahbani did not have mercy on the trio of Diab and Michel Murr, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “MTV” and Sharara from its bitter epithets, which sparked widespread controversy on social media sites, about which followers were divided between those in solidarity with Diab, Murr, Sharara and supporters of Rima, while many criticized the contempt of Rima Al-Jarih personally as a method. Rejected because the bad words Rima used offended her mother and her history.

In a lengthy post on her official account on Facebook, Rima began the attack on MTV Chairman Michel Murr, who considered that he was a boy who wanted to inherit a television, in a clear indication of his disagreement with his father and his siblings, so she wrote: “The television is in the hands of the boy. With the satellite channel, isolating the rest and being under house arrest, anyone can convince me that Misho is not a global achievement factor by collecting the same specifications.

Rima Rahbani also did not provide, in her attack on Murr, the “MTV” station and its employees, as she saw that they were spotting poison, “as if among the conditions of the television for joining the station is to drop poison, or as if they did an intensive training course with poison and drop!” But, Micho, believe me, you did not have problems with the historical insect. See how you want to get confused with your knowledge! Or you are the few if and for the country, for example, something is dotted with poison, something between dots, something between dots of cloud! Sweeter. And this new activity is that you are sponsoring charitable parties from someone else’s account, how sweet you are! If you go back to the roots and graze cows, it can be better.

Then Rima mocked Maya Diab, who performed the song “Come with the Poor People”, accusing her of being bought by two piasters, according to what she wrote: “You will be spread by two piasters coming with the poor people? Lewin is coming without evil? ”

She went to Rima without naming her, saying: “Oh sheikha, do I use a form to get to know you… an hour you blow an hour and breathe… To where are you coming without evil? You and the sister who honestly did not say a name to me and did not know your friend and your lover? .. Of! … why do I know you as a friend! ”

Rima apologized to the artist, Julia Boutros, and spoke in her name to Maya: “Who are you to sing“ Revolutionaries of the Earth ”and change your words? “Whoever wants to revolt seems to have something convincing about the character of Terror! Otherwise, the best will be depleted! Two dimensions excuse me, I mean, where do you decide where and where are the songs Holly? And give us a lesson in morals! Sea Grave! Do you know it for morals? My soul, my eyes, go back to your place! Increase you Misho and the wardrobe program that twists! ”.

Rima saw that what Diab presented in her concert was a “Sayet Cocktail” and she announced: “A cocktail of a drum and a drum of large caliber. What does one say with a slack that has not happened nor will it be read … Who do not know an Arabic name and how well! You want to be the introduction to your job and you! Not an introduction to work for others, O climber on the glories of others, did you understand how?

Rima mocked Maya, who announced that the patriotic songs are now their time, adding: “After that, pardon me, so why do you decide where and where is the place for Holly songs? And give us a lesson in morals! Do you know it for morals? ” And she continued, “What Tatkarmi you and Miso from the bag of others! And shout to the victims of the port! What are the victims of Seine doing? He said a greeting from it to Lebanon and a dedication to the souls of those who were killed in the bombing of Beirut on August 4, what is this massacre? What an artistic hobby! ”

Rima did not provide music distributor Hadi Sharara, who had mercy on his father (Riad Sharara) and said to him: “Shame, Hadi, shame, oh my honor, the music producer !! And with your will, you missed the deadly job? Nai to Beirut will not heal you! Honestly, you are the only shock to me yesterday. We have a big head on us and do your business and you never get close to an end! What is your heart doing this currency? Stay in the words of the people, more than enough, and it is enough … God have mercy on you! ”

Rima threatened in the conclusion of her lengthy publication that this artistic terrorism will not go well, saying: “This is artistic terrorism, which has become an anti-corruption bedouin greater than the fight against corruption, and it has become a bedouin of penalties.”

It should be noted that MTV responded to Rima Rahbani’s attack on her by re-broadcasting Maya Diab’s concert in full and singled out the dedication to Rima Rahbani as she wrote: “Dedication to Rima Rahbani.” As for Maya Diab, she only posted a video clip on her official account on the Instagram website, in which she appeared and she is She is listening to Mrs. Fayrouz’s song “Yalla sleep Reema”.


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