Reem Al-Saeedi, why not publish a picture of her second daughter, and what is she afraid of?


Reem Al-Saeedi, the wife of broadcaster Wissam-Brady, published the first photo of her first daughter when she was a child.

She said: (Two years ago 08-09-2018, the day that changed my whole life, I will never forget that day. Two years of happiness, but also two years of challenges and actions, and two years of not sleeping, my child today has become two years. Happy birthday my angel Happy birthday, Nour The sun. I love you, baby)

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Some asked her why she shouldn’t post the picture of her second daughter, and what she is afraid of?

But Reem suffered a lot when she published the pictures of her first daughter, and decided that her second daughter should be far from the media, the press and social media leaders because she was afraid of her harsh criticism or of insults that express the morals of her books.


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