Reducing the quarantine period to a week


French Minister of Health Olivier Ferrand announced that the French Scientific Council gave the green light to reduce the quarantine period imposed on those infected with the Coronavirus “Covid-19” and on all those who were in direct contact with them to one week.

The French Minister of Health said, according to the “France 24” satellite channel today, Wednesday, that “despite the worrying return of the Coronavirus outbreak, there is a possibility to avoid a second wave,” explaining that the French Scientific Council agreed to reduce the quarantine period imposed on people with an epidemic ( Covid-19) from 14 days to one week.

He pointed out that: “This decision can be formally approved next Friday during the Defense Council meeting to be held under the chairmanship of President Emmanuel Macron.”

He added, “We have enough time until Friday to consult other specialists with a view to embodying this new approach on the ground.”

It should be noted that the general principle used so far in most countries of the world, and in the event of a confirmed infection (Covid-19), is to put the patient in isolation for a period of two full weeks. But the new information that infectious disease specialists have been able to collect about the way the infection is transmitted from one person to another has called into question the feasibility of imposing a 14-day quarantine, as well as a “economic challenge” in light of the doubling and high number of individual quarantines, according to Evo. Le Felic, a GP and a member of the Health Sector Employees Association.

The Minister of Health urged the French to “wear protective masks at all times instead of raising legal calls to prevent it,” calling at the same time to protect the elderly living in health centers designated for them and the employees of these health institutions.

Regarding the medical examinations, Ferran said, “All laboratories are ready to carry out examinations, with priority given to potential patients with the epidemic.”


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