Red Bull clinch the 2021 drivers’ squad in October


Alpha Torey manager Franz Toast believes that Red Bull will make a decision on the drivers’ squad for the 2021 F1 World Championship season at the end of October.

As the Red Bull team remains one of the most important drivers who did not decide their drivers’ lineup for next season, and Red Bull is in a special position due to the presence of two teams from the Energy Drink Company, with the Red Bull main team and the Alpha Ture team. [الذي كان يُعرف بـ تورو روسو].

Of the four drivers, the only driver to hold a contract beyond this season is Max Verstappen in the Red Bull ranks. Meanwhile, doubts surround the possibility of Pierre Gasly, the last Monza winner, moving to Verstappen next year.

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“Regarding the drivers’ lineup, I think the decision will be taken at the end of October,” Toast said/ Next October, maybe also at the beginning of the next month. ”

وأكمل: “We’ll see what happens in the end, we have to evaluate all the available information, and then the Red Bull team will make the decision about the lineup of drivers in the main team and in the Alpha Tore.. Streamer is considered one of the best drivers in the Red Bull Driver Program. ”

“He can win races, at least he won a race so far. But in his single-seat racing career, he showed that he can compete to win races and titles, and this is essential.

ویتع: “I respect my washers very much, and I think he is strong, and that is what he showed at Monza when he completed a perfect race, defending in perfect fashion from his lead without Carlos Sainz being able to overtake him.. He showed great maturity in driving, so I think he is a very talented driver. ”


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