Real Madrid faces a budget deficit of 180 million euros


Real Madrid suffered losses of at least 180 million euros due to the economic crisis caused by the repercussions of the Corona virus. Real Madrid’s goal was to cover these losses by selling their surplus players to Zinedine Zidane.

Because of the Corona crisis, Real Madrid was forced to abandon some of its stars at a value less than their market value, as the club collected 68 million euros from 6 players, and they also saved 40 million euros from their salaries.

Real Madrid had 13 players in other teams at the end of the 2019-2020 season, 5 of them sold, two returned, two loaned others, and Kubo, Viejo and Ceballos remained on loan at Villarreal, Granada and Arsenal, respectively. They were joined by Renner, who moved to Borussia Dortmund, and Brahim Diaz, who moved to Milan, while the club is still looking for a transfer to Regilon and Mayral.

Nobody wants Gareth Bale

Real Madrid sold 5 players: Achraf Hakimi moved to Inter for 40 million euros, Oscar Rodriguez went to Seville for 15 million euros, with Real Madrid retaining 25% of his rights, and Javi Sanchez moved to Valladolid for 3 million euros, with Real retaining Madrid with 50% of his rights. De Frutos (Levante), Soro (Granada) and Dani Gómez (Levante), for 2.5 million each, with the club holding 50% of their card rights.

Added to these is Kubo, who moved to Villarreal on loan for 2.5 million euros. In addition to that, Real Madrid will provide all of their salaries.

An additional 25 million euros could be added to the 68 million euros, if James Rodriguez’s move to Everton is confirmed, bringing the total revenue from the sale of the players to 93 million euros. The other 87 million that must be covered to reach the planned 180 million euros are expected to come from the sale of Mariano and Bill, but they do not want to leave.

Mariano blocked his move to Benfica after the two clubs agreed on a deal worth 25 million euros, demanding an increase in his salary that the Portuguese club could not afford. There are no performances at Gareth Bale’s table due to his demeanor and deteriorating form. The market value of the Welsh star has decreased from 80 million euros in 2018 to 28 million euros today.


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