Real Madrid and Riyad Mahrez .. 3 reasons for City to reject the deal



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Not intend Manchester City Englishman, abandoning his player The Algerian Riyad Mahrez, Whose name was associated with the Spanish giant in the last hours Real MadridAccording to English press reports.

French and Spanish media had indicated that there was contact between the Royal Administration and the Flying Wing team, to seek his opinion on the possibility of his move to Madrid.

The newspaper “Manchester Evening News”, indicated that the chances of the left-wing player moving to “Santiago Bernabeu”, completely absent, for several technical considerations.

Riyad Mahrez and Pep Guardiola’s plan

The newspaper close to the “Sky Blues” walls said that Riyad Mahrez will not leave coach Pep Guardiola’s squad, regardless of the type of offers he will receive in the current period.

The source indicated that the Spanish coach classifies the Algerian national team captain as a key player in the new season, and that his departure means causing a vacuum in the offensive right wing, who had previously lost the German fast-track Leroy Sani, who returned to his country and signed with Bayern Munich.

The newspaper said that this reason makes the possibility of seeing the best player in the Premier League in 2016, in Real Madrid’s jersey next season, is out of the question and out of the question for the “Citizens” technical staff.

Riyad Mahrez contract with Manchester City

The same source indicated that Riyad Mahrez’s contract with Castle of the “Al Ittihad” stadium will continue for the next three years, which means that he is one of the players who have a future within the team, and there is no reason for his departure.

The newspaper said that the player is one of the basic options in the coach Guardiola’s accounts, which makes his continuation with the team a strategic matter, especially since the transfer market is devoid of stars in light of the financial crisis that strikes all clubs due to the consequences of the Corona pandemic.

Riyad Mahrez and Pep Guardiola

The evolution of Riad Mahrez

The newspaper confirmed that the departure of Riad Mehrez is rejected, as the player is developing very much since his arrival to the blue team,

After a difficult first season, Riyad Mahrez turned into a staple more regularly during his second year, at a time when everyone expects to see the same player who was arriving and touring with Leicester City, during his third year.

And the newspaper proves that Pep Guardiola intends this time to deal with Mahrez in a more logical way, unlike what was the case during the last weeks of the elapsed season, when he transferred him without a convincing explanation for the bench seats during the last limp of the Champions League.

It should be noted that Manchester City announced last week that Riyad Mahrez had been infected with the Corona virus, while press reports said that the player may appear during his team’s first match in the English Premier League.

The English Premier League starts on Saturday, while City’s appearance for the second round was postponed, to rest its players after the European team’s season continued.


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