Raja Hussein criticizes Yasmine Sabry for this reason – video


Still a giftAhmed Abu HashimaHis wife is an Egyptian actressYasmine Sabry, Which was an expensive car that received a lot of negative and critical reactions to it, the last of which was from the Egyptian actressRajaa Hussain​.
This came during an interview with her, and in response to a question related to the gift, she said: “What is this provocation on Subuh?” And considered that this question provokes “the overriding people.”
Hussein indicated that Sabri has a beautiful form, but she needs a lot of time to become a good actress, confirming that she followed her series, but she does not remember his name because the works have become similar.
Followers interacted with Hussein’s words, as they praised her opinion, stressing that Sabry depends on her looks more than her talent.


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