Ragheb, Elissa and Carole Samaha denounce the outbreak of a new fire in Beirut Port


A number of Lebanese stars expressed their deep sadness at the outbreak of a huge fire in Beirut Port, today, Thursday, and the star Ragheb Alama wrote, through his Twitter account, saying: “A new fire in what remains of Beirut port.”

He added, “The overwhelming majority of those working in the port are followers of the leaders of the sects, their partners, and their leaders !! What is the truth about what is happening in the port ?! Is there someone who will tell us the truth of what is happening there?

The star Carole Samaha wrote: “Beirut Port is burning again, because we are sure to dream,” and the star Elissa wrote: “That is a lot.”



Meanwhile, Nawal Al-Zoghbi wrote a comment on the video of the fires: “The port of Beirut is burning again, God conceal.”

A huge fire broke out in the Beirut port in the Lebanese capital, today, Thursday, and according to Lebanese media, the fire broke out in the free market area, specifically in a warehouse containing oil deposits and tires. Last August.

Fires and smoke billowed over the capital, Beirut, as a state of fear and panic prevailed among the citizens, and some evacuated the buildings surrounding the port.

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