Radwa El-Sherbiny: The veiled woman is 100 thousand times better than others, and the one with her devil hair is stronger than her


Relationships and society

The media, Radwa El-Sherbiny, sparked a state of controversy after sending a message to a girl thinking of removing the veil after years of wearing it, during one of her episodes of her program “She and Bas” broadcast on the cbc satellite channel Sufra.

Al-Sherbiny commented: “I want to take off the veil, the veiled woman is better than me and better than the one who is not veiled 100 thousand times.”

And she continued: “The veiled woman is better with our Lord than others, because the one who does not veil her devil is more severe than her, so let her devil affect you and take it off.”

Soon, the followers interacted with Radwa’s opinion, between the one who agreed with her talk, and her critics, describing her speech as a judgment on appearance, while some made several comments inviting her to wear it.


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