Qayumjian reveals a “positive matter” to the “free patriot”


Former minister Richard Kayumjian emphasized that “the position of the Free Patriotic Movement in terms of adhering to the constitution and customs is identical to the vast majority of the Lebanese, whether they are parties or sects.
The positive thing is that the movement did not submit this time to Hezbollah’s will, in that no sect has the right to monopolize a ministry or impose its will on other sects.In an interview with LBC, Qayumjian said: “It does not seem that the designated president, Mustafa Adib, is subject to dictates from here or there. In any case, let him form the government and present it to the president of the republic, either he signs it or not.”

He concluded: “In terms of distributing the sovereign portfolios among the smaller sects, we are despite the right of all sects to have sovereign and non-sovereign portfolios, but whenever we want to form a government, it is not permissible to set new charters and norms.”


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