Putin: We will soon record a second Russian vaccine against Corona


Satellite Mikhail Metzel

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his country will soon register a second vaccine against the emerging corona virus.

In a speech delivered today, Wednesday, to the members of the Federation Council (senators), Putin touched on the efforts made in Russia to fight the coronavirus that causes the “Covid-19” disease, stressing that the country’s health care system is ready to confront the pandemic, especially in conjunction with Seasonal increase in the frequency of cold virus outbreaks.

The president stated that the Russian authorities are continuing to take prior measures to limit the spread of infection, including the opening of new medical centers and the creation of drug reserves and personal protection means, in addition to training doctors on new treatment methods.

He said, “During the pandemic period, we realized in a new way the importance of every human life, the heroic work of medical staff, and the enormous role of an effective health care system for society and the country, and its capabilities have increased significantly over the past months.”

Putin pointed out in particular that Russian scientists were able to develop the first vaccine against the Corona epidemic in the world (it bears the name “Sputnik V” and was registered in August), adding: “In this regard, a second (Russian) vaccine will soon be registered against the Corona virus.” .

Source: Novosti


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