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The Media Office of the Minister of Education and Higher Education in the caretaker government, Dr. Tariq Al-Majzoub, distributed a revised statement about the decisions taken after the Corona Committee meeting at the Governmental Serail, and it stated:

First: Because the percentage of positive cases exceeded 8% of the examinations during the last two weeks, this percentage according to the health references is dangerous for returning to school attendance, and in order to preserve the health situation in Lebanon, it was decided to postpone the attendance return to public and private schools for all grades (from kindergarten to class The third secondary inclusive) and the institutes up to the baccalaureate level, until Monday, October 12, 2020, provided that we issue a decision with these details later. The official examinations will be completed with taking the required health measures.

Second: The Cabinet’s decision on doubling the speed of the Internet and the volume of consumption in a temporary manner and land subscriptions was extended within the available technical capabilities and without additional costs.

Third: We have secured, in cooperation with organizations and donor countries, free stationery for one hundred and fifty thousand students from first to sixth grade in public schools, and we are working to secure the rest.

Fourth: We provided masks, sterilization tools, thermometers, and other materials free of charge to all official schools and high schools.

Fifthly: We secured the restoration of all official educational institutions, including schools, high schools, and colleges of the Lebanese University, and a number of private university institutions that were damaged by the sinful port explosion.

Sixth: We transferred $ 8 million to the Banque du Liban for the benefit of school funds and official averages, and the amount will be delivered at the price of the platform. We will soon transfer $ 8 million to all public schools and high schools.

In this difficult health situation, we hope that everyone will benefit from the next two weeks to adhere to preventive measures to reduce the percentage of injuries, so that we can secure return to schools through blended learning and complete work with the rest of the concerned ministries to secure the requirements of distance learning.

It was agreed with the Minister of Public Health to accompany the attendance return to schools by conducting free pcr examination for any suspected case according to a specific educational health protocol. In short, public and private schools, high schools, and institutes up to the baccalaureate level will remain closed in attendance for a period of two weeks. And we stress that no attendance teaching even for students of official certification classes in the public and private sectors before the date of October 12, but we will complete the official examinations specified in these two weeks, with the necessary measures taken.

We take this opportunity to ask everyone to adhere to the preventive measures to preserve our educational sector, this sector that will make Lebanon’s future generations. ”

Source: National Agency


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