PlayStation 5 is expected from Sony in November


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New York : Sony announced that it will release in November the new gaming platform, “PlayStation 5”, which is eagerly awaited by those interested. Its launch will come immediately after the release of “Microsoft” the new version of the “Xbox Series X” platform, which reflects the rivalry that the Covid pandemic has strengthened. -19 in the video game market.

“Sony” stated in an online presentation held on Wednesday that two copies of “PlayStation 5” will be launched on November 12 in Australia, North America, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan and Mexico, with a week to become available in the markets of the rest of the world.

The price of the premium version is set at five hundred dollars, while a “digital copy” dedicated to games stored in the cloud (telematics) will sell for four hundred dollars.

Last week, Microsoft unveiled the new version of the Xbox Series X, which will be available as of November 10 at a price of $ 499.

And Microsoft announced that a smaller version of this platform, the Xbox S, will sell for $ 299. The video games sector has witnessed significant growth thanks to home quarantine measures, as games available in the cloud and those directly transferred have witnessed widespread success.

The sales of “Playstation 4” currently in the market have reached twice the “Xbox One”, but “Microsoft” hopes to compensate for its delay from “Sony”.


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