Photo: Conor McGregor on the Sexual Assault Charge: I’m Destroyed


Former Irish UFC MMA champion, Conor McGregor, complained of his mental ill health after he was accused of attempted sexual assault in France.
Connor got upset during his conversation with his followers on Twitter, and he responded to one of them before deleting the reply by saying, “You are making fun of me at this difficult time in my life, while I try to stay strong for my children and the people who depend on me and love me and support me, thanks for the insults, hypocrite, no I can take it more because I’m simply broken. “
The police arrested McGregor on the French island of Corsica, on charges of attempting sexual assault and showing his organs to a woman without her consent on the tenth of September, and interrogated him, where he denied the charge, then released him pending watching the security cameras’ videos.


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