Phosphine is not found in the Martian atmosphere



The Institute for Space Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced that the Russian spectrometer installed on the European TGO probe did not find phosphine gas in the atmosphere of Mars.

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“The spectral resolution of this device is very high, and it can detect even a small concentration of phosphine gas in the atmosphere of the red planet,” said Alexander Trukimovsky, a researcher in the department of planetary physics at the institute. More than 2 molecules per billion, but unfortunately it appears that it does not exist completely in the atmosphere of the Red Planet. ”

It is reported that the Russian Mid-IR Spectrometer is one of three spectrometers working since 2018 on the European TGO probe, and its mission is to search for the concentration of small components of the Martian atmosphere, especially methane, which is considered the main biological marker.

The presence of methane in the planet’s atmosphere could indicate the presence of life, but it was discovered that its concentration is no more than 5 particles per trillion.

Source: Novosti


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