Palestine filmmakers to their Arab peers: Do not “cooperate” with our killer


Against the background of the normalization of relations between the Emirates and the Zionist entity, and the announcement of an agreement between the “Abu Dhabi Film Committee” and the “Israeli Film Fund” with the aim of “strengthening cooperation in the film and television industry and promoting a culture of tolerance (!)”, A group of Palestinian and Arab filmmakers, producers, actors and coordinators issued A statement and a call under the title “The Call and Statement of Palestinian Filmmakers”, which we publish in full: “After more than seven decades, we are still under colonialism and occupation, in which our conditions worsen day after day. So, we depended in production on funding, most of it foreign, with margins of breathing that allowed us to write and recount our history and review our daily life and our ambitions, even some of them. And we were able to overcome the colonial reality … and it became clear that the Palestinian filmmakers, despite the scarcity of conditions and the punishing obstacles that could defeat any cinematic production, were able to present pioneering and valuable craftsmanship achievements … We were and are still part of the Arab cinema that was our most prominent reference, and they have always been patient with us. To develop them, and crystallize our ambition towards Arab partnerships as the best way to advance Arab cinema.

(Walked Leader – Bahrain)

We were disappointed, and we are very sorry that one of the cinema institutions in Abu Dhabi signed a cinematic agreement to work with the occupier and the Israeli colonizer, thus gaining immoral legitimacy for its colonization and occupation instead of strengthening Palestinian and Arab cinema and developing partnership with them. We invite our colleagues in the Arab Emirates, the Arab world and the cinema: to reject the partnership with the colonized cinema and to reject any work with any film institution in Abu Dhabi or the Arab world that concludes agreements with the Israeli occupier, and to work seriously to create Arab institutions and partnerships to support Palestinian and Arab cinema .
Signatories to the statement include: Nizar Hassan, Ann Marie Jasser, Hani Abu Asaad, Muhammad Bakri, Rashid Masharawi, Dalia Odeh, Osama Bawardi, Najwa Najjar, Sherine Daibes, Ruba Bilal
Areen Omari, Rasha Salti, Abdul Salam Muhammad Shehadeh, George Khleifi, Nasir Shakhtour, Saleh Bakri, Ali Suleiman, Adeeb Safadi, Layali Badr, Kamel Al-Basha, Roger Khalif, Adam Bakri, Muayad Alyan, Mahmoud Masad, Salim Abu Jabal, Soha Araf Mays Darwaza, Saed Andoni, Amira Diab, Maysa Eid Al-Hadi, Yumna Marwan, Ramzi Makdisi, Lina Bukhari, Rafia Hussein Aridi, Linda Mutawa, Najwa Mubarki, Hanna Atallah, Sandra Madi, Reem Telhami, Laila Abbas, Lina Mansour, Amin Nayfa Ismail Jabareen, Ziad Bakri, Tariq Abu Ghosh, Muhammad al-Khairy, Amer Dweik, Amal Ramses …
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