Oil prices drop after surprising data – Al-Binaa newspaper


Decreased Prices Oil, yesterday, After Reported Data That Stocks Rough American Soared On Non Expected, What new ones Concerns About the demand On Fuel.

And it slipped Contracts Futures لخام «Brent» in the rate of 0.8% to me 41.39 Dollars Barrel, And she was Decreased in a time formerly 1.2% to me 40.21 Dollars.

And landed Contracts Futures لخام «the West Texas Mediator» American in the rate of 1% to me 39.40 Dollars Barrel, distance that I got off 1.4% to me 36.26 Dollars Barrel.

Fell The two fifths The two standards What Increases About 4% A day The two, and he Larger Retreat in a Two weeks, However, They are Raised day Tuesday.

وتجددت Concerns About the demand On Fuel With Height cases injury With a virus Corona in a Countries From Between them France And Spain, Next to Possibility impose More From Restrictions Precautionary in a Britain, that in a Time Which Probably intervention More From Supplies Oil to me market From Libya.

And in the states United, Where Overtook cases Death Because the disease 200 a thousand and he the above in a the world, Soared Stocks Oil Rough With691 a thousand barrel in a the week Ended in a 18 September Current, Comparison With Expectations Analysts Down 2.3 Million barrel.


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