Oh Tire :: The General Director of the Hariri Hospital talks about the stoppage of work in hospitals! Here are the details


The director of Beirut Governmental Hospital, “Firas Al Abyad,” said in a statement on social media that the hospitals in Lebanon were subjected to a severe test during the Beirut bombing, and they have been very successful, pointing out that “now the sharp rise is In cases of corona and the resulting increase in the number of patients requiring hospitalization, it is a greater challenge, and it is a daily and continuous challenge.He pointed out, “Hospital workers are under tremendous pressure due to the faltering economy and the spread of the epidemic. The actual value of their salaries has decreased, and they are overworked and face the risk of infection while wearing uncomfortable equipment all the time. They are on the verge of exhaustion. For hospitals, Hassan Taking care of its workers is the most important challenge, “pointing out that” health care at this time depends on the availability of medical supplies and medicines, of which we import 80%. Because of the financial situation, hospitals operate with a minimum stock. If the subsidy is removed from medical supplies. And medication, or if Corona cases increase sharply, hospitals may not be able to continue operating. ”

“Like all commercial activities in a time of economic downturn, the fate of hospitals depends on their liquidity situation. Currently, hospitals find themselves suffering from cash distress as payments are delayed, and suppliers often work on a cash basis only. Hospitals will face difficult times if they do not fulfill their dues,” he added. .


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