Oh Tire :: A southern pharmacist announces a surprise with the Corona virus and a great controversy between supporters and opponents! Here are the details of what I announce.


The pharmacist, “Al-Sidawi”, Shafiq Al-Habal, announced that he had reached a preventive and curative drug for the “Corona” virus, which is 100% safe and herbal, explaining that “he will launch a major campaign from his pharmacy in Sidon to eliminate the virus within 19 days only, if people adhere to the prevention that is guaranteed with permission.” God has eliminated him completely from the world. “In a video recording distributed on social networking sites, Al-Habal said: “We have about fifty cases infected with the virus, some of them are critical, and some require transfer to the hospital and some that require home quarantine, all of which have been cured with a 100% safe and effective herbal treatment.” It is given free of charge to all people because we want to get rid of this unpleasant pandemic that is almost wiping out humanity and imposing fear on it. ” He explained, “This preventive treatment was personally for me ten years ago from the regular flu, so when I got” Corona “I went back to my medical review on the day I was a student at the university, and I saw that what is true for regular flu is true for” Corona “, with a basic feature that is that” Corona “stays in the upper respiratory system for four hours, which gives us a golden opportunity to eliminate it,” calling for “joining the campaign and the results will be impressive. We do not want vaccines or drugs because with these simple matters, a full and speedy recovery will be achieved.

Al-Habal explained to Nidaa al-Watan that he will hold a press conference soon to announce this herbal remedy, indicating that he had contacted the Lebanese Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization in the Middle East and the Doctors Syndicate in Lebanon, and he did not find the required response, stressing that the goal is not to profit with evidence. Distribution will be free. ”

As usual, the announcement of the ropes has met a great controversy among people between supporters and opponents on the one hand, and the medical community on the other hand, which often doubts such herbs in their mind that they are based on “alternative medicine, so that the decisive factor remains for the concerned medical references.”

Burial mechanisms

In extension, and with the spread of the virus and the daily recording of deaths and injured cases, an emergency meeting was held at Dar Al-Fatwa Al-Islamiya in the city to discuss arranging the mechanisms for burying the dead infected with Corona in terms of washing, transportation and burial according to the legal and sanitary mechanisms, in the presence of the Mufti of Sidon and its districts, Sheikh Salim Sousan, Director The Disaster and Crisis Management Chamber in Saida Municipality, Mustafa Hijazi, Sheikh Mahmoud Samhoun and Sheikh Hassan Abdel Aal, and members of the Sidon Cemetery Committee, the Director of the Shifa Medical Association Dr. Ramzi Karim, a delegation from the popular ambulance, and a delegation from the Sila Association and the thread operator.

The meeting concluded with the distribution of tasks among the bodies participating in the health and legal burial mechanisms, based on the legal and humanitarian duty, while Mufti Sawsan thanked the contributors, asking “The Lord to lift the epidemic and the scourge of our people, our city and our homeland.”

Hegazy explained to “Nidaa Al Watan” that the meeting was branching and discussed mechanisms for washing, transporting and burying the deceased with the virus in Sidon, and two washing sites were agreed upon in Saida Governmental Hospital for those who died inside it, and the issue was coordinated with its director, Dr. Ahmed Al Samadi, and in the new Saida Cemetery in Syrop for the other deceased. It was also agreed to organize a training course for the concerned authorities with the Lebanese Red Cross, “indicating that” the numbers of the injured in Sidon and its region are constantly increasing daily, which makes it imperative for us to raise the level of alert more “, expecting that” the number with the issuance of the weekly report is high, unlike times. The previous one, calling on citizens to adhere to preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus, “pointing out that” the Saida municipality, the Crisis and Disaster Management Chamber, the Health and Environment Committee, the Ministry of Health and the Epidemiological Surveillance Center continue to conduct free PCR examinations in a center that was established in the martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri’s sporting city in Sidon, ” On Mondays and Wednesdays from ten in the morning until noon, and it includes cases of direct contact with the injured, “confirming that the Crisis Management Operations Room In the municipality of Saida and the Health and Environment Committee of the Municipal Council, it monitors the conditions of the injured and quarantined in their homes in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the Judicial Medical Center, and meets their needs in accordance with the decisions of general mobilization in this regard. Municipal teams sterilize homes and buildings, with the municipal police and the fire brigade during the mandatory home quarantine period for the injured.


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