Officially “Jaguar” postpones the launch of its new version of “Range Rover” cars


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Postponed The Jaguar Corporation The British officially announced the announcement of the new version of the Electric Range Rover, until October or November, the same date set for the launch of the new electric XJ, and in this regard, press reports quoted Land Rover’s chief financial officer, Adrian Mardel, as saying that Jaguar had modified its plan to postpone The announcement of the two cars until next October or November, instead of the previously set plan to announce them this September.

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According to reports, Jaguar was able to produce more than 120,000 fully electric XJ cars, despite the downtime due to the Coronavirus pandemic, where the British company is referred to here, and it had unveiled a distinctive car designed to attract young people and fans of modern cars, and named it I-Pace And, it will be environmentally friendly, and the car will come with a hippical crossover and a modern design that combines concepts Sports cars And family cars, and the car is powered by a pair of electric motors, the torque of which is approximately 200 horsepower.

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