Officially … Apple reveals the launch date of its next “iPhone 12” phone


11:26 AM

Wednesday 09 September 2020

Books – Asim Al-Ansari:

Apple has officially announced the date of its event to announce the latest iPhone smartphones, which will take place this year via the Internet only.

And “Apple” said: “The event will take place next Tuesday, September 15, and due to the emerging corona virus (Covid-19), the event will be held via the Internet.”

It is expected that “Apple” will announce four new iPhones for the current year, including two versions of “iPhone 12” and two versions of “iPhone 12 Pro” with new designs. It will also announce the sixth generation of its smart watches, “Apple Watch Series 6”, in addition to a version Updated from her iPad Air tablet.

According to what was reported by the Arab Technology News Portal, and according to the technical shop, Ming-Chi-ku: “The new phones will provide 5.4-inch screens for one of them, and the 6.1-inch screen for two of them, and the higher-specification 6.7-inch model, adding:” Apple will not offer headphones. Or a charger in the box. “

The new iPhone models will also support 5G networks, however it remains unclear which models will also support the faster, but limited range, mmWave 5G.

According to Bloomberg News, the “iPhone 12 Pro” models will contain three cameras and a new 3D optical radar sensor that helps in augmented reality applications.

According to news reports, Apple is also announcing a new “iPad Air” device that resembles the “iPad Pro”, with a screen covering it from edge to edge. However, it is also possible that Apple deferred that to another event in October, as it did in 2018, when it announced new iPads and MacBooks.


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