Nuggets reduce the difference with the Lakers in the West Final – Al Binaa newspaper


Record Beauty Murray 28 Point, To lead Denver Nuggets To win 114-106 On Loos Angeles Lakers, in a the match The third In turn Final للقسم western, My turn a ball The basket American For professionals, To shrink Nuggets The difference to me 2-1 With The Lakers in a Series, Which Decide On Basis Best in a seven Matches.

و .ضاف Jeremy Grant 26 Point, in a Best outcome in a His career Turns Exclusivity, as such Record the giant Nicolas Jukic 22 Point.

And did not Not shine on LeBron James Enough in a Lakers, After Record three numbers Dual و .حرز 30 Point, Gripped On ten Balls Rebound, as such pass 11 a ball Decisive, In he added colleague the giant Anthony Davies 27 Point.

وستقام the match The fourth in a Series Final the West, evening Today, Thursday. And it was The Lakers Rose up distance the delay 97-77 in a Quarter the last one, وتفوق 19-2 To shrink The difference to me 99-96، Before Seven minutes Source Seconds On End.

وجل James Two points To keep On difference Points Three 101-98، Before that Roars The Lakers five Throws Consecutive, Of which Four Throws Triple, To impose Nuggets His control On the match Once Other.

و .حرز Murray throw, Then he added Other Triple To come forward Nuggets 106-99.

Lamb Participation Murray And Yukitch in a Sign Up 50 Point, The The surprise she was in a performance Grant, Where Record seven Throws From 11 Attempt.

وتفوق Nuggets 33-18 in a Balance Throws Triple, as such It was Best 23-14 in a Throws Free. And compensated Nuggets So Losing it Cruel in a the match the second, When Record Davies throw Triple in a the second Last, To clinch Victory لفريق The Lakers.

And from Atmospheres The basket American, He said human Silver, authorized Association Cyclic a ball The basket For professionals, that Sharing لاعبي Competition in a Olympiad Tokyo Must that Be Limited, Because season the new Which POSTPONED Its beginning Because pandemic Covid-19، From Likely that Continue Through the games.

ويبدأ season Cyclic The basket American in a the usual, near End October the first, And it goes on Until Mid June.

But With desire Association League in a Start up season the new, in a Canon The second 2021، On that Follow it Roles Exclusivity, may be Be Competition ongoing At Starting Olympiad, in a 23 July.

وقال Silver «over there Many From Players The Americans The wonderful people, وربما Be against Scenario Non Sharing Highlights 15 Jumpers in a Cyclic The basket Through Olympiad, But Will appear Players Americans Are awesome others».

وتابع «this is Circumstances Exceptional Completely وغير Usual, Think it’s a as such he is adverb about للحركة Olympic, The Command With us we Also As well..

we will try Access to me حل To deal, And put in a Our mind that».

Is involved No games League American in a Olympiad Form regular, Ago Toys Barcelona in a 1992.


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