Nomadland to the Oscars?


Film critics and followers see that it is a movie “Nomadland” (Nomad Land – Searchlight Production) has become the favorite to win an Oscar, after winning, on Sunday, the Audience Award at the closing of the Toronto International Film Festival. Chloe Gao, a 38-year-old American of Chinese origin, directed the tape starring two Oscar-winning actress Frances McDormand, embodying the character of a battered woman who leaves everything to live a nomadic life in a trailer on the sidelines of American society. The Canadian “Nomadland” victory comes about a week after it was awarded the Golden Lion in the seventy-seventh session of the “Venice International Film Festival.” Over the past years, the “Toronto Festival”, which awards a single award, has been a stepping stone to winning an Oscar, and is more like a “waiting room” for the most important Hollywood award, according to Agence France-Presse. All of the films that won the festival in the last eight years were nominated for Best Film, while two of them were actually crowned, one of them “Green Book” (directed by Peter Farrelly) in 2019.
Nomadland was praised by critics after its world premiere in Venice, which was followed hours later by two shows in Toronto and California in front of a drive-in car crowd.
The tape dives into the world of “trailer residents”, who are Americans who spend their time in reclaimed vehicles that include a sleeping space and live simple jobs. They even form a kind of small community and communicate with each other during chance encounters on the roads or via social media.
It should be noted that the Oscars celebration will take place on April 25, 2021, after it was postponed for two months due to the Corona pandemic.


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