Nomadland is the favorite for the Oscars


The movie “Nomadland” embodied the world of “trailer dwellers”, the Americans who spend their time in reclaimed vehicles that include a sleeping space and live simple jobs. They even form a kind of small community and communicate with each other during chance encounters on the roads or via social media.

The movie that Chloe Gao, a 38-year-old American of Chinese descent, directed and starred by actress Frances McDormand, appears to be the favorite to win an Oscar after winning the Toronto International Film Festival award on Sunday.

Oscar winner McDormand is a battered woman who leaves everything to live a nomadic life in a trailer on the fringes of American society. On Sunday, Nomadland won the Audience Award at the Toronto Festival, the largest film event in North America, about a week after it won on September 12 the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Festival. Critics praised the film after its world premiere at the Venice Festival, which was followed hours later by two screenings in Toronto and California in front of an audience in the cars on the “Drive-In” manner.

The next Oscars ceremony will take place on April 25, after it was postponed for two months due to the pandemic.


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