News 24 | The Ministry of Health announces the issuance of approval to organize a mechanism for treatment requests abroad … and clarifies the conditions


Today (Friday), the Ministry of Health announced the issuance of the approval of the mechanism for patients whose treatment requires travel outside the Kingdom and their companions.

The ministry explained that it is a condition for those seeking to travel to be treated at their own expense, that there is an acceptance to treat the case from a hospital or a specialized center in a medically advanced country, and that it be among the cases that do not have treatment at home based on a recent medical report certified by the Ministry of Health. Of the pathological conditions that the Supreme Medical Authority recommends treating abroad.

It indicated that it is a condition for the applicants to travel for treatment at the expense of the state, that they have been issued a royal or supreme order or a decision by the Supreme Medical Authority for treatment abroad, pointing out that those who have been approved to travel abroad in accordance with the aforementioned conditions are permitted to be accompanied by two – up to a maximum – For each patient or what the higher medical authority deems fit.

She indicated that, according to the approval, it will study the applications, after which the approved ones will be transferred electronically to the Ministry of Interior, the “General Directorate of Passports” to complete the issuance of the necessary permits, noting that the application will be online via the “Absher” platform.


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