News 24 | “Receive me at the Sufyan family tree” .. What is the story of this quote that King Abdulaziz uttered? (Video)


The King Abdulaziz House has published a documentary report on the senses of the Sufyan family, which is located in the Sayah neighborhood of the capital, Riyadh, and the story of the saying of the founding king, “Receive me at the Sufyan family tree.”

One of the residents of Al-Hassi, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al Sufyan, said, that Al-Hassi has a lifespan of more than 160 years, and the story began when Imam Faisal bin Turki ordered the opening of a road to camel pilgrims and the work continued on him For more than 5 years.

Abdul Rahman added that after completing the construction of the road, the imam and the notables of Riyadh saw the importance of having a place to supply pilgrims, so he bought Al-Hassi and gave it to the Sufyan family to stand on it and take water out of it for pilgrims only.

He recalled that after a while Possess The Sufyan Al-Hassi family and the inheritance of the children, and its water was known to be sweet, so the people of Riyadh would come to it to supply it with water.

And he indicated that King Abdulaziz used to communicate with family members and visit them constantly, and there was an apple tree he used to sit underneath, and when some of the children of other families came to him, he used to say to them: “You see me at the Sufyan family tree.”


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