News 24 | Deportation of the resident from the Kingdom .. “Trade” defames a citizen and resident involved in a crime covering up in the trade of dates


Today (Thursday), the Ministry of Commerce declared a citizen and resident of Pakistani nationality, after a court ruling was issued proving that they violated the anti-concealment system and the citizen enabled the resident to practice the activity of selling dates in the city of Buraidah.

The judicial ruling issued by the Criminal Court in Buraidah included imposing a fine of 60,000 riyals, collecting zakat, fees and taxes, deporting the concealed person from the kingdom and not allowing him to return to work, and publishing the ruling in a local newspaper at the expense of the violators.

It should be noted that the new system to combat concealment, which was recently approved by the Council of Ministers, relied on mechanisms that contribute to narrowing and eliminating the sources of concealment.


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