News 24 | Agreeing to fully lift the restrictions on citizens leaving the kingdom and returning to it from next January … and special exceptions starting mid-September


Today (Sunday), an official source at the Ministry of Interior announced a number of decisions.

He explained that the kind approval was issued with the approval of the following:


(1) – The complete lifting of the restrictions on citizens leaving and returning to the Kingdom, and allowing the opening of ports for the crossing of all means of transport through the land, sea and air ports, after the date of January 1, 2021 AD, according to the procedures followed before the Corona pandemic.
(2) – The deadline for lifting the suspension and permission referred to in Paragraph 1 of this Clause (First) shall be announced 30 days before January 1, 2021 AD, and to the Ministry of Health if required at that time. To submit a request to set preventive health requirements for passengers and carriers, while traveling, and in the halls of airports, ports and stations.


(1) Allowing some categories of citizens to travel outside the Kingdom and return to it according to certain controls and requirements, and they are:

a – Government employees – civilian and military – with official duties.

B – Workers in Saudi diplomatic and consular missions and attachés abroad, and workers in regional and international organizations, and their families and companions.

C – Those working in permanent jobs, in public, private or non-profit establishments, outside the Kingdom, and those who have job characteristics in companies or commercial establishments outside the Kingdom.

of the – Businessmen whose business conditions require travel to finish their commercial and industrial activities, and export, marketing and sales managers, whose work requires visiting their customers.

E – Patients whose treatment requires travel outside the Kingdom, based on medical reports, especially cancer patients and patients in need of organ transplantation.

And – Scholarship students, self-taught students, and trainees in medical fellowship programs, whose studies or training require travel to the countries in which they are studying or training and their companions.

ز – Those who have humanitarian cases, especially the following two cases:
1 ) Family reunification for a citizen or citizenship with their relatives residing outside the Kingdom.
2 ) The death of a husband, wife, parent, or child outside the Kingdom.

H – Residents outside the Kingdom and their companions, who have proof of their residency outside the Kingdom.

I – Participants in regional and international official sporting events, including players and members of technical and administrative staff.

(2) Allowing entry and exit from the Kingdom for citizens of the countries of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, as well as allowing entry to non-Saudis who have visas; Exit and return, work, residence or visit, provided that the entry of citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council countries and non-Saudis into the Kingdom is in accordance with the preventive health controls and procedures set by the committee concerned with taking measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in the Kingdom, and that the controls include not allowing anyone to enter The territory of the Kingdom, except after submitting evidence that it is free from infection with the emerging corona virus, based on a recent analysis by a reliable authority outside the Kingdom, the date of its conducting did not pass more than 48 hours, the moment it reached the port.

(3) The suspension is partially raised; For international flights to and from the Kingdom, and the opening of land, sea and air ports, allowing the excluded groups of citizens and others to enter and exit the Kingdom.

(4 ) What is stated in these exceptions is without prejudice to any approved requirements or controls related to the countries to which travel or arrival has been suspended, for reasons other than limiting the spread of the new Corona virus.

(5 ) What is stated in these exceptions does not apply to countries in which the concerned committee decides to take preventive measures by suspending travel to or coming from them, due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus in them, in order to prevent the spread of the virus in the Kingdom.

(6 ) Work begins with the implementation of the exceptions indicated. Six o’clock in the morning on Tuesday, Muharram 27, 1442 AH, corresponding to September 15, 2020 AD.


The concerned authorities, each within its jurisdiction, shall issue explanatory statements of the procedures for implementing the aforementioned exceptions, including the relevant controls and conditions.


A plan to re-permit Umrah will be announced gradually, based on what will be decided independently later in this regard, in light of the developments related to the pandemic.


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