New iPhone has become modern for everyone .. “Memoji with muzzle” and an impressive update


In a quantum leap, the modern operating system “iOS 14” from the “Apple” company carried new changes and modifications that have become the talk of all fans of the giant company’s devices, especially protecting privacy.

The new update, which was launched two days ago, and supports “iPhone 6S” devices and beyond, added a great feature to protect users’ privacy, which is forcing applications to request user permission with regard to tracking and custom advertising the first time they open the application.

He also added options that simulate the Corona pandemic that hit the planet’s population, so creating a “memoji” character for each user with a muzzle that does not leave us on the ground has become an option now, according to the “Business Insider” website.

He added application windows that appear on the main screen, which was able to change the appearance of the screen significantly.

The update also included ways to organize applications more easily, without the need to switch between many applications chaotically scattered on the device screen.

The user can now choose the internet browsing application that he prefers to use permanently (Safari or Google Chrome..etc), so that it appears automatically upon clicking on a link.

The new system added ways to organize text messages and conversations that did not previously exist, including installing important conversations at the top of the message list.

While the voice assistance “Siri” will not completely occupy the main screen of the device when asking for help, it will appear on a small part of the screen only.

As well as incoming calls, they will remain and appear within a small area of ​​the screen, without hiding the applications that were running the moment the call was received.

The update also included a new feature, which notifies the user of the source of the text, when copying a text and pasting it into another application. For example, when a text is copied from Facebook and pasted into a text message on another application, the user will see a notification saying “The message is copied from Facebook.”

In the new update, a feature appeared that allows controlling the phone without touching its screen, with a double or triple click on the back of the phone, to carry out one of the commands that were set to work according to the click mode, such as for the device to take a picture of the screen, for example.

IPhone can now notify the user when the doorbell rings, or when his dog is barking or his cat’s meow, thanks to the enhanced voice recognition feature on Apple’s new system. This feature is important in situations such as using headphones with the noise cancellation feature turned on, which may isolate the user from their sound surroundings while wearing the headphones.

Apple added on the new update indicators that appear at the top of the screen, its task to notify the user if the camera or microphone is triggered by any of the installed applications.

And after iPhones used to provide an inverted selfie when using the front camera, a “mirror” option was added, which would show the image in a way that matches the person’s appearance when looking in the mirror.

And it became easier for the user to set the alarm through the keyboard, instead of searching for the desired hour between a long list of numbers for both the hour and the minute.


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