New Chinese rules to tighten controls over financial holding companies – Al-Binaa newspaper


Issued China, Rules New To organize Companies Financial Holding, in a The latest a step لحماية Its sector Financial Mega From Risks Overall.

وقال Bank The people Chinese in a statement that the rules New Developed Plug Gaps in a Systems Supervision And regulation distance expansion Number Little From Companies in a Sector Financial Without Mechanisms For insulation And build up Its risks.

According to For the rules New, should that is being head Capital The company five Billions yuan On the least (731.74 Million Dollars) Received On license a company Finance Holding, According For «Reuters».

وتحدد the rules Also Requirements Total Assets Which Can To companies Financial Holding Manage it. And you will need Companies Which Own Originally Banking to me What No Decreases About 500 Billion yuan From Total Assets, in a when Must that is being To companies Which No Possess Originally Banking Origins Worth 100 Billion yuan On the least.

in a 2018، Annexation the bank Central five Companies Finance Holding, Of which Giant Technology Financial You are Financial ومجموعة Retail Sunning.Com ومجموعة Dealers China Owned للدولة ، to me plan To test Its capacity On Management Risks.

Seeking You are Financial, Owned For a billionaire Chinese Jack What والتي Decide A change Her name to me You are Group, To insert a Double in a Hong Hong وشنغهای.

intervention the rules New space Implementation in a first Nov October The second, وسَتُمنح Companies interval Grace لمدة Year To comply to her.


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